Auto Brokering


More car buyers than ever choose to purchase vehicles through auto brokers. But is a professional car-buying agent worth the money when you could broker your own deal at the dealership?

If you hire an auto broker that is worth his salt, the price of its services will seem minuscule compared to the thousands of dollars you save on the deal.

Auto brokers bring knowledge and negotiating skills to the table on your behalf. They know the intricacies of dealerships, financing and buying in a way that the typical car buyer will probably never learn. Usually, these brokers have years or decades of experience in the industry, often on the other side of the desk.

You could work the deal out yourself, but you might be missing out on bigger discounts. Sometimes, the savings you forego could be worth thousands of dollars. The level of expertise you need to get the best deals may not be something you can learn in a weekend.  A good auto broker can also save you time and frustration. Most buyers spend at least half a day on the car lot, haggling over the automobile they want.

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